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Buy an Aviva Labs Spray Tan Machine from The Tanning Store

High quality spray tanning machines from Aviva Labs

We have sourced high quality spray tan machines from Aviva Labs that are both compact and easy to clean. The spray tanning machines from Aviva Labs set themselves apart from the others in the field, by being lightweight and easily portable. The Aviva Labs spray tanning machines weigh less than 4.5kgs. If you wish to operate a mobile spray tanning business then this machine and spray tan gun is perfect, as it offers you with the flexibility of using it in a salon environment or on the road.

Durable and hardworking spray tan gun from Aviva Labs

This spray tan machine from Aviva Labs offers the most accurate and cost-effective spray tanning. The spray tan gun emits an extremely fine, highly atomised directional spray that allows you to give your clients a flawless finish. The Aviva Labs spray tanning machine is ergonomically designed to guarantee that you or your client never experiences any discomfort, like too much noise or product being emitted and ensures that you deliver a perfectly even tan time after time.

Peace of mind – A 12 month warranty when you buy a spray tan machine

The motor on each Aviva Labs spray tan machine is robust, meaning that as your business grows the motor can keep up with your increased demand. When you buy a spray tan machine from The Tanning Store you get a 12 month warranty, to give you the peace of mind that your spray tanning machine will be able to keep up with a rigorous workout and continue to deliver perfect results every time. Each of our spray tanning machines are specifically designed for their purpose, and are superior to many other spray tan guns on the market. A common pitfall that spray tan lovers fall into is to purchase a spray machine that is too powerful, which is designed for spraying cars or fences, and as such end up with an uneven, blotchy result. The Aviva Labs spray tanning machines give you a flawless finish every time.

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